The World’s Healthiest Travel Snack

I sure as heck hate to be hungry. That’s why I always travel with lowcal, healthy snacks – whether I’m on the train or plane – or even in my car. I’m never without raisins, 20-calorie Sunsweet cherry-essence dried prunes, and other goodies. I pointed all these out in my bestseller, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide.

Before my daily one-hour workout, I also always have a snack. My preferred pick? Two 50-calorie deli flats (I’m currently in love with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish bread) that are smothered in dee-lish Laughing Cow wedges. Laughing Cow Swiss cheese, for example, is a mouthful of creamy gooey goodness, for just 35-calories a wedge. You can’t beat this snack – for 135 total calories (bread and cheese) you pack a protein punch that is delicious and nutritious. As a travel writer, who is always on the go, I swear by Laughing Cow. Tuck it into your carry-on at the airport, snack on it on the plane, and you’ll make everyone around you jealous – especially those people who either didn’t pack a snack, or wind up spending a fortune to buy a high-fat treat on board. Who needs more fat and calories, when Laughing Cow offers you a terrific low-calorie choice? Try it, and you’ll diet!

And now, Laughing Cow has done themselves one better – or should I say five better – with their recent product introductions of Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spreads. These superb sensations contain one-third less calories than regular cream cheese, at just 45 calories per wedge. (The Classic Cream cheese has 55 calories per wedge.) Weighing in at 45 calories per wedge are the super-yummy strawberry; garden vegetable; cinnamon cream; and plain cream cheese. There’s no longer any need to go full freight when it comes to cheese – Laughing Cow obviates – wonderfully – the need for high-calorie cheese.

Great taste and portion control – well, these go together like bagels and cream cheese.

Do yourself a favor – and a flavor – and make these your go-to items when you’re packing for a trip. Your thin thighs will thank you.

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