If you’re taking a trip across the Pond, don’t you want to take a nap? How about if the eyeshades you use, to do just that, are covered in Swarovski crystals and are worth nearly $4,000 per pair?

It is all happening this week on Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Virgin Atlantic has teamed with classic crystal supplier Swarovski to create the ultimate in-flight accessory – spectacular sleeping masks. Five limited-edition eyeshades will be given out this week to five lucky passengers to celebrate the launch of the airline’s brand new amenity kits, which will appear in every cabin on Virgin Atlantic flights. The marvelous masks, which are part of the Economy amenity kit, feature iconic and classic sunglasses designs – from the classic Wayfarer to the shutter shade made famous by singer Kanye West.

The five exciting eyeshade designs feature hundreds of tiny red, white and blue crystals, all applied by hand by an artist named Saima Anwar. Amwar also creates crystal eyelashes for celebrities such as Katy Perry. It took ten hours to make each mask, and the artist used more than 3,000 Swarovski crystals.

Chris Rossi, Senior Vice President North America said: “Getting a good night’s sleep on board a long- haul flight is priceless to our passengers, and our iconic red eyeshades have been helping flyers rest for the past 28 years. To celebrate our new amenity kits we wanted to create something unique and demonstrate just how valuable it is to get some shut-eye.”

The gorgeous masks will be hidden on flights around the globe this week. Five lucky passengers will open their amenity kits and discover the exclusive crystal-adorned shades, which will make their “bon voyage” even better.

“Virgin Atlantic has always been known for putting the fun back into flying, so we chose the iconic sunglasses designs for our eyeshades to reflect this,” adds Rossi. “We have a long-standing relationship with Swarovski and are thrilled with how Saima has taken our designs and given them a very unique twist.”

This promotion is part of a long line of Virgin Atlantic’s partnering with Swarovski. Its Upper Class cabin has featured Swarovski crystals on the cabin walls since 2003 and the launch of the Upper Class Suite. Most recently the airline unveiled custom designed crystal curtains onboard, adorned with more than 1,000 Swarovski crystals each in the revamped suite aboard A330 aircraft.

From September 1, passengers traveling in Economy will receive a new amenity kit that will include eyeshades featuring one of six fabulous sunglasses designs, including a pair of heart shaped sunnies, John Lennon-esque circular specs and some 80s retro shades.

Passengers in Premium Economy will receive kits in stylish charcoal gray pouches, which are created from recycled plastic bottles with silk linings. They double as handy travel wallets, to impart them with a fabulous second life. In Upper Class, Virgin Atlantic travelers will be presented with amenity kits made from the same recycled material, but in pouches sized perfectly to hold tablet devices and e-readers. This is all part of Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to sustainability, and going green. Gorgeous globetrotters, please take note!

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