Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel
and Beauty Pros, Traveling Executive;
and Celebrity Travelers

It’s the world’s first beauty book for traveling women:  Allure Magazine meets Travel + Leisure Magazine meets Born To Shop!

This book is more fun than a trip to Sephora on the Champs Elysees.”

Suzy Gershman
Author of Suzy Gershman’s best-selling Born To Shop series

My friends and I have always wished there was a guide to looking good while traveling. As a world traveler, I have fine-tuned my beauty and travel routine while on the go, but for a lot of women it can be a daunting task, especially if they don’t know the tricks. This book is a lifesaver for globetrotters who want to look and be fabulous and carefree.”

Celebrity Make-Up Artist on What Not to Wear on TLC, and author of three beauty books, The 5-Minute Face; Get Positively Beautiful; and Crazy Busy Beautiful

If Debbi’s book makes me look as good as she does, I’m buying it! So many women travel today and have no idea how to stay fit and healthy. I only wish her book was published years ago – it would have saved me from gaining and losing 25 pounds.”

Jennifer Stein
Editor and Publisher, Destination I Do Magazine,

Traveling is hard enough, but what if we do things really wrong and our skin dries out, our hair frizzes and we feel frumpy? How can we be prepared for the beauty crises that lurk in airports, hotel rooms and in rental cars? At last, a beauty book for women travelers packed with advice and tested by travel experts. Debbi answers our questions and offers resources so we can look and feel beautiful when away from home.”

Marybeth Bond
Author, Best Girlfriends Getaways North America, Worldwide, and Adventure Editor, TravelGirl Magazine

Women need a resource like The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide now more than ever. Our schedules are more hectic, the demand on our time is greater and the emphasis to “hit the ground running” when traveling for business is no exaggeration. This book is a gold mine of advice!”

Nancy Houlmont
Editor, Beauty 411,

At last! A practical how-to beauty book that comes from the trenches. We are the road warriors, and we’ve got the scars and beauty marks to prove it. Instead of using travel as an excuse for letting down your beauty and exercise regime, this book helps you streamline and benefit from other beauty-minded women who keep fit despite the obstacles.”

Diane Sukiennik
Editor, Food and Wine Access,