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 Excerpt from USA Today Travel “Go Escape”



Long gone are the days of traveling with the venerable steamer trunk. Once the go-to vessel for travelers on extended trips, the steamer can’t cut it in a modern, mobile society. Can you imagine maneuvering one through an airport security line? Even modern luggage is being put to the test by new airline fees and weight regulations. If trends continue, the classic hard-sided suitcase may go the way of the steamer trunk. Thankfully, luggage companies have been coming up with ways to meet the demands of travel while creating useful and stylish products. Check out what’s hot in luggage today.

Travel expert Debbi Karpowicz Kickham, author of The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide ( swears by re-purposing the sturdy, zippered plastic bags that sheets and comforters come in to use in checked luggage. “You can put all of your evening wear or daywear into one of the big zippered comforter bags. Use smaller sheet and pillowcase bags to store your underwear, workout wear, and bathing suits. This creates extra compartments in your luggage, keeps clothes tidy, and makes it easy to find things quickly.”

Karpowicz Kickham never travels without these don’t-Ieave-home-without-them items in her carry-on:

Satin pillowcase. “It’s softer on your hair and skin and doesn’t cause wrinkles.”

Eyeshades and earplugs. “So you can nap anywhere.”

A filled prescription for any necessary medications or antibiotics. “Obviates finding and paying for a doctor if you get an infection.”

Passport photocopies. “Stash one in your carry-on and one in your checked bag.”

Appropriate-sized toiletries. Visit a toiletry and cosmetic boutique offering TSA-approved size items, ideal for traveling and make going through security a breeze.


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