Paean to Pulchritude


(In other words, Let’s Hear It For Feminine Beauty!)

By Debbi K. Kickham

(I’ve always been besotted with beauty, cosmetics and travel, so read on, and let this
poem capture all the great things that are to follow in the pages of this book…)

I’ve always wanted to be a beauty –
Like you. Or why not just a real cutie?
At the sweet, tender young age of seven
Nail polish and lipgloss were Seventh Heaven.

There I was, with pink bow in my blonde hair
Plus Evening in Paris scenting the air.
And thus began my own beauty saga
Before Madonna and Lady Gaga.

I went on to Tinkerbell, then Tussy
(When I was much too young to be fussy).
Then I met my bestest friend L’Oreal
Which clearly has been my own special pal.

I rarely leave home without eyelashes curled
And pouty lips from my friend Cover Girl.
But — it’s funny how some men also know
Ultimate secrets, to offer a glow.

Men like Charles Revson and Charles of The Ritz
Had their particular, great beauty hits:
Classic Lipsticks like Cherries In The Snow
And special serums that go with the flow.

Make no mistake, though; I often am seen
With Nivea, Jurlique and Maybelline.
My little face always wants more, more, more,
Of Chanel, Guerlain and “J’adore Dior.”

Avon calling is also just the thing
With which to have a fine cosmetic fling.
By heaps of freshener, toner and lotion
You get a ‘natural’ look – I’ve an ocean.

With a dusting of powder, gloss and rouge
I can create my unique subterfuge.
I look in the mirror and with a glance
Capture myself in my own special trance.

Take it from me – you can always look great,
On every journey. You’ll travel first-rate
And make every part of trips you travel
A beautiful trek where you won’t unravel.

Just follow my advice, and try the creams
That will fulfill your best cosmetic dreams.
Pack gorgeous goodies, with skirts, shoes and pants
And you won’t be sorry on Swiss or Air France.

You’ll eat, sleep, exercise and look your best
In transit, on buses or just Northwest.
This book is written to show and unfurl
Travel and Beauty – the best of both worlds.