Zelo At-Home Keratin Treatment Is Fabulous

For the past five years, I’ve had my hair keratined, in order to make it sleek and straight — especially before I embark on a press trip somewhere in the world. I want to be a gorgeous globetrotter with luscious locks! My hair has always had a slight bend and a few waves, but I like it stick straight. I like to joke and say that in order to make my hair straight, I not only had to blow-dry it – I had to beat it into submission.

Keratin changed all that. Now my tresses are terrific — no matter where in the world I am — and I never have to worry about rain or humidity.

The downside? Keratin treatments at the salon can be super expensive – some salons charge as much as $350 per treatment, depending on the length of your hair, and can take hours of work. While the results are always worth it, it’s a pretty penny for million-dollar hair.

That’s why I’m ecstatic to tell you about Zelo’s Brazilian Keratin Home Smoothing Kit, which delivers salon results at home. It’s the best $19.95 you will ever spend. In other words, it’s the royal treatment for your crowning glory.

I read about Zelo’s amazing product in Beauty Store Business magazine, and I was impressed. Then I got my box of Zelo, and used it on my hair, in the privacy of my own bathroom. It only took about an hour and a half from start to finish, and my hair — and my checking account — were very happy with the remarkable results. (“Zelo,” in Brazilian, means “care with love.”)

You simply wash your hair with Zelo’s clarifying shampoo, twice. Then you apply the liquid keratin, and let it set in your hair for about 45 minutes. Then you simply rinse it out, blow-dry your hair, and then flat-iron it in order to seal in the treatment. I had never even used a flatiron before (I’m not used to handling heavy machinery), but the results I got are spectacular. The product also stays in your hair for about 30 washings, and you can wash your hair the very next day, with no problem. (With salon keratin treatments, you need to wait at least two days after applying the keratin, before shampooing.)

And yes, all this for $19.99.

Zelo also makes sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, which of course, are designed to be used in tandem with its at-home keratin kit.

In a phone interview, I spoke with Claudio Correia, the president of Boca Cosmetics Group, who manufactures the Zelo Brazilian Keratin Home Smoothing System in Boca Raton, Fla. One thing that sets his Zelo product apart is that it contains no formaldehyde. Instead, the product features proprietary ingredients such as quinoa and coconut oils, plus conditioning ingredients that are found in the Amazon Rain Forest, and organic amino acids. “We first make the bonds in the hair more flexible,” says Mr. Correia. “We have nutrients to fill the potholes in the hair, and then we smooth the hair from the inside out.”

Response to this at-home keratin treatment have been overwhelmingly positive. When it premiered on HSN (Home Shopping Network), 3,000 units were sold out in about 20 minutes. Clearly, this product has hit a nerve with all the women out there who want big results for small change.

You can buy Zelo online on their website, or at Walgreens.com and also at Drugstore.com.

Me, I’ve made the Best Tressed List. Zelo — you belong in the Hall of Fame.

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