Need Last-Minute Gifts For Your Favorite Travelers?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I Love the Dollar Store. Especially Dollar Tree, and I shop the one at the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury, Mass.
I always go there before I embark on any trip, because the $1 cost for anything in the store ensures that you get perfect, smaller-sized products that are ideal for travel. I buy everything from toothpaste to dental floss to aspirin to antacid to hairspray to bobby pins to elastics to lipsticks to trail bars to chocolate and candy and Twizzlers licorice to tissues to cotton swabs – you name it. They all fit perfectly into my checked-in luggage, whether I’m going to Poland or Provincetown or Paris. Forget about going to the drugstore and paying at least three times as much for each item! This is a great money-saving travel tip.
That’s why, if you’re seeking a great holiday gift for the travelers in your life, you can fill up a basket with these wonderful little Lilliputian items, or just use them as ideal stocking stuffers. The stores also have extended holiday hours.
As the author of The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide – the world’s first beauty book for traveling women – I know what I’m talking about.
You can also get wrapping paper, boxes, tissue paper, gift bags, gift tags, cards and a lot more.
Who knew one dollar could go so far? I also want my husband to buy Dollar Tree stock for me for Christmas! It’s a great value, and all shoppers love a great bargain. Merry Christmas everybody!

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