Jaktogo Wearable Luggage Is Ridiculous

OK, now I’ve heard everything.
In my work as a professional travel journalist for the past 25 years, I’ve seen many companies develop products to assist travel-weary passengers, and to help them be more comfortable and cost-effective when flying. Here is a product whose aim is to get you to bypass and obviate checked-luggage fees: Jaktogo.
This company makes ridiculous clothing with a wealth of pockets so that you can actually wear up to 30 pounds of your “luggage” on your person – while looking like an idiot in the process.
Take a look by clicking here.
I can’t express enough disdain for something so ridiculous and ugly. Wear one of these items and you look like fool.
And in what keeps me scratching my head, the price for one of these outrageous ensembles is $93. You’d rather pay $93 to wear this idiotic outfit, than pay $25 for your checked baggage? There’s even a dress in demin that costs upwards of $200.
It’s just plain ugly and stupid.

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