Weird Eyeball Jewelry Should Be Avoided

In my profession as a travel writer, I try to provide my readers with all the latest and greatest beauty trends, and beauty life-savers from around the world. I also try to offer insight into things that seem, well – just plain weird. I’ve just discovered something in the Netherlands that has me taken aback. It seems that people – no make that women – are having platinum charms inserted into their corneas. You read that right. They are having jewelry inserted into their eyes. Take a look by clicking here:
Is there really a need for this, people? I thought it was bad enough when Madonna and some rappers took to wearing gold grilles on their teeth. That’s obnoxious enough. And when Mick Jagger had some sort of gem inserted onto his teeth, that was ridiculous. But now eyeball jewelry?
It seems that some people just won’t be satisfied with piercing their tongue, or their sexy parts, or having tattoos all across their bodies. Now they want “art” in their eyeballs.
I’ve seen a lot of fashion and beauty trends in my time – but this one, aside from being quite disgusting, is dangerous. Doctors must use a special type of scissors in order to make a tiny pocket in the eye. It’s unbearable to think about. And according to Allure magazine, the procedure is against the law in Illinois.
Enough said.

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