Add Stages of Beauty To Your Anti-Aging Travel Arsenal

Let’s face it — when you are young – and so is your skin – it’s easier to look pretty and dewy. But as time goes by, your skin gets rocked by factors such as fine lines and dehydration. Factor in stale, dry air that you find in airplanes, and now you’re dealing with a two-faceted problem that is difficult to solve. But as an expert who strives to show my readers how to travel better, look prettier and feel healthier on the road, I may have a recommendation for my traveling sisters out there, who want to avoid a jet-lagged look and still shine in their destination.

You’ve Gotta Be Taut

A scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has unlocked what she believes are the keys to fighting aging of the skin, depending on your age. Her solution: A new skincare brand called Stages of Beauty that offers different, effective formulations, depending on the years of your skin. In other words, you can do your dermis a big favor if you use age-specific skincare. Stages of Beauty was introduced in 2011 and won Honest Beauty’s Breakout Brand of the Year. Ladies, complexion perfection is on the way!

All of the formulations are different – more on that in a minute – but the key ingredient in all formulas for all ages is Monk’s Pepper Berry. It is an antioxidant complex shown to help dramatically improve the vitality and appearance of the skin. Specifically, it helps:
• Fight the appearance of all signs of aging
• Promote a radiant, healthy glow
• Increase hydration
• Protect the skin from free radical damage
And here, below is information about the different formulations for different ages of your skin. I suggest buying the Stages of Beauty formulations that are right for your face, and then transferring them to 3-ounce bottles so that you can carry your beauty essentials through TSA and security at the airport without any hassle.
In your twenties: Due to constant exposure to the sun and a hectic lifestyle we begin to deal with damage that leads to the premature development of fine lines wrinkles. The answer? Stages of Beauty Radiance Line. Radiance contains apple stem-cell botanical extract, a revolutionary ingredient based on the extract from a rare Swiss apple that is well known for its longevity and storability. Studies have shown its ability to:
• Repair and rejuvenate
• Protect skin’s own stem cells, allowing them to hold on to their regenerative capacity for longer
• Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
One of the highlights of the Radiance line is the toner containing African red tea that fights free-radical damage.

In your thirties: Skin starts to take twice as long to regenerate leading to a dull complexion and uneven skintone. Collagen and elastin degredation leads to the first appearance of deep wrinkles. To counteract this? Stages of Beauty Harmony Line. Harmony contains natural prickly pear extract to help the skin restore its own exfoliation and regeneration capacities by stimulating the activity of skin enzymes in its natural process of regeneration. It is rich in purified oligosaccharides and significantly helps activate cell renewal, helping you keep a radiant and even complexion. Harmony offers a great little scrub, which you should definitely pack in your travel carry-on, to rub vitality into your face after long-haul flights.

In your forties: Thinning skin leads to poor circulation causing redness and sensitivity. The skin starts to become more susceptible to photo aging leading to the appearance of age spots.The solution? Stages of Beauty Elegance Line. Elegance contains sea botanicals that provide protection against free radicals while calming and soothing the skin. It also helps to reduce oxidative skin stressor molecules, and is rich with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential to maintaining youthful skin. It has been proven to slow the aging process and protect the skin from environmental and free radical damage. It is essential in revitalizing, repairing, and moisturizing the skin. I especially liked the lipid cleanser that is 100% fragrance-free and formulated for sensitive skin, as well as the Treatment Cream that is rich and 100% fragrance-free.

Ready, Set, Glow

In your fifties: Decrease in surface immunity impairs the skins ability to protect itself. The natural skin barrier degrades, leading to poor moisture retention and excessive dryness. The problem-solver? Stages of Beauty Grace Line. Grace contains a synergistic Chinese blend that has been shown to effectively reinforce the skin’s self-protection system against dehydration, oxidative stress, irritation, and degradation of the extra-cellular matrix. Consists of Japanese honeysuckle flowers, Siberian cocklebur fruits, and purple nuts edge rhizome.In particular, the Grace formulation contains a highly effective serum containins seaweed extract that is oceans apart from the competition. Slather it on!

Stages of Beauty is a division of NutraClick, which was founded in 2009 as Hungry Fish Media, LLC by two Harvard University graduates. Having started with the sports nutrition brand Force Factor, NutraClick has found success in the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries based on a unique combination of online direct-response marketing and traditional retail sales at GNC, Walmart, CVS, and other stores.

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