Smart Summer Travel/Diet Tips

I hate being hungry — don’t you?
That’s why I always travel with smart snacks — whether I’m flying first class on Alitalia (which I just did — love the flatbed!) or just going to the gym. I’ve always got smart snacks with me, so I’m not stressed-out looking for a vending machine or stuck with eating something fattening that I don’t like (such as stale peanuts on a plane). Get a load of these savvy on-the-go snacks — try it — you’ll diet! As a size-four media spokesperson and beauty writer, I know what I’m talking about.

1). Almonds. When I interviewed Wheel of Fortune stunner Vanna White for my book, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, she told me that she always travels with almonds to tide her over. Just look at her size-2 body and that’s proof enough.

2). Sunsweet cherry-essence dried plums. I LOVE these tasty little tidbits of prune infused with cherry. They’re like eating full-freight dried cherries (which are very fattening) yet they weigh in at a fraction of the calories. They will also put a tiger in your tank, when you go to the gym and require instant energy.

3). Laughing Cow cheese. At only 35 calories per wedge, these are delicious morsels of soft cheese that have nary a guilt trip in them. The cheddar is exceptionally delicious.

4). Powdered peanut butter. Lots of brands now are on the peanut-butter powder bandwagon, offering huge peanut flavor with none of the fat and calories. Hallelujah! Find it next to the real-deal Jif on the shelf and you can say “Sayonara” to Skippy.

5). Fresh fruit. I love grapes, apples, kiwi fruit — you name it. They’re a delicious treat at 35,000 feet. I’m also crazy for Figamajigs — chocolate and fig bars that fill you up and not out.

And one more thing — it’s the season to wear your swimsuit, especially if you’re traveling on vacation to some great locations such as the Four Points in Eastham, Mass or sailing on Azamara Club Cruises. Want some ultimate bathing suits that fit perfectly and are affordable? Check out, for suits in every size, color and style — for every woman’s shape!

Stay tuned for more tips on how to look good and feel good when you travel.

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