Sailing Azamara and Staying Thin

Who says you have to gain the average one-pound-per day on a cruise ship?
My husband Bill and I just sailed on Azamara Club Cruises, and Executive Chef Iwan Pennings was just fantastic in assisting us with delicious, low-cal and lowfat cuisine. As a gorgeous globetrotter, who offers advice on how to cruise and not gain weight, I tell it like it is!
Azamara Club Cruises is a great line in the deluxe/premium category, and they aim to please from stem to stern. We simply made our culinary requests and they were fulfilled.
For example, for a special anniversary dinner one night, when Bill and I were celebrating our 16 years of marriage, the chef, at our request, made us grilled salmon, lowfat ratatouille, and baked potato. You’ll never find a more delicious diet dinner, anywhere! For dessert, we splurged on Nutella crepes and Nutella gelato — deliciously decadent! Along with a lowfat carrot cake. It was all a thrill. Just try it and you’re happy to diet.
Diehard dieters will also love to know that dinner on Azamara’s Patio Grill is also wonderful. We thrilled to chicken kebabs, ratatouille, and baked potatoes, and ate this meal numerous times on our voyage in the Mediterranean. I just love eating a healthy, nutritious dinner, which is yummy, all the while knowing that I can still fit into my size-6 bathing suit the next day. The meals were all guilt-free and gourmet.
And if you’re honeymooning, make sure to check out Azamara Club Cruises, as it offers a wealth of amenities, including all-inclusive alcohol, no tipping, great food, fabulous excursions, and AzaMazing complimentary evenings! Nothing’s more romantic that simply walking outside on deck, under the moonlight — or going to the terrific Azamara “White Nights” dance party!

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