Beauty Tips For All Seasons

This blog post is all about how to look your most beautiful, 24/7, 365. Let’s face it — you’ve gotta be taut! Whether you’re simply going to work every day, spending the evening with someone wonderful, or you’re embarking on a first-class journey by taking a luxury cruise on an exceptional line such as Azamara Club Cruises,(which, by the way, has an amazing salon and spa on board!) every woman loves a slew of super products and beauty tips, to achieve her best look. #lovetravel

Dry, dull skin. Brittle brows. Limp hair. Who needs it? As a professional beauty writer, and a beauty content provider, I’ve discovered some of the latest and greatest ways you can look over-the-top radiant every day no matter the season. Add these goodies, and this advice, to your get-gorgeous beauty arsenal!

Autumn Elegance

In Fall, after months of sun and chlorine damage, trim the dead ends from your hair and apply conditioning treatments, says Armando Cassano, owner of Armando Cassano Hair Studio and Terra Spa in Dedham, Mass. Mr. Cassano, a native of Naples, Italy, knows how to offer la dolce vita to your visage. Cutting chic bangs in autumn is also recommended to take years off your face and soften your image, says Mr. Cassano.

For Fall complexion perfection, try these two products from Lune + Aster, says Marla Beck, CEO and co-founder of Blue Mercury, an upscale beauty retailer with numerous locations nationwide. She recommends Recharge Cream, which instantly revives tired skin, and Moonrise Glow & Contour Palette, “which is great for a dewy, radiant finish,” explains Ms. Beck. Don’t forget the beauty Hall of Fame classic – Nars blush in Orgasm, perfect in any season.

Look Wonderful in Winter

Winter hair color is inspired by nature – caramel and chocolate colors, and golden blonde tones, says Mr. Cassano.

With cold weather’s rough skin, brittle eyelashes and sparse brows, Ms. Beck recommends La Mer The Eye Concentrate to reduce crow’s feet and fine lines, and Smashbox Photo Finish Lash Primer. “It’s a must to help brittle lashes,” says Ms. Beck.

Mr. Cassano’s hair studio also offers not only lash extensions, but eyebrow extensions – a fabulous new alternative. This is a remarkable, innovative new way to have beautiful brows like all of the top models right now. Bushier brows are, indeed, just one way to make your entire face more beautiful.

Another option is Hard Candy brow ink, a new waterproof gel and 24-hour stain that instantly defines and darkens brows. Dark circles? Glamoflauge to the rescue; it also covers birth marks and even tattoos.

One of the biggest beauty problems in spring is dull hair, says Mr. Cassano, who recommends color, highlights, hair masques, and balayage – a French method of lowlights and highlights painted onto the hair. Voila!

Spring makeup also presents problems. Marla Beck understands that springtime beauties want fresh, dewy skin in rain and wind. Her solution? M-61 Power Glow Peel, a glycolic treatment pad that exfoliates and reveals a brighter skin tone. Lipstick? Ms. Beck recommends Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in Pink Buff, Spring Pink, or Hibiscus.

Right now, Korean products are all the rage. AmorePacific makes gorgeous masques to use right before your big event — perhaps you are working a trade show, giving a presentation, or making a TV appearance! Apply Sleeping Recovery Masque before bedtime to produce glowing AM results. Or, in the morning, take 15 minutes to apply Intensive Serum Masque offering bamboo sap for a flawless finish. Glow for it!

Make Summer Spectacular

The biggest problem for summer hair? Humidity. Counteract frizz and limp waves with Coppola Keratin treatments, says Mr. Cassano. The spectacular straight results last about four months. And since updos are so popular for summer, Mr. Cassano recommends 100% human hair extensions to make hair longer and easier to pin up. And remember, braids are all the rage!

Summer skincare can also be problematic. Ms. Beck advises using primers that absorb oil, such as Hourglass SPF 15 Veil Mineral Primer. “Eye and face makeup for summer should be light yet long-lasting,” she says, citing Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blushes and Nars velvet shadow sticks and eye paints.

Any Time Of Year

No matter the weather, these beautifiers can take years off your looks and make you appear more radiant and youthful – and refreshed.

What if you have facial lines and wrinkles lines that need extra TLC? Dr. Michael Yaremchuk, a Yale-educated plastic surgeon who is Clinical Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, recommends Botox or Xeomin injections in his Boston office as a smart way to achieve a youthful, rejuvenated look. I personally experienced a facial rejuvenation from Dr. Yaremchuk (read that post here) and it was amazing. The Xeomin injection took years off of my face. I was thrilled with Dr Yaremchuk’s results. He is definitely one of Boston’s best plastic surgeons. Make sure to watch his videos on his website, to see his patients who are completely satisfied and pleased with their natural-looking results.

“Everyone should remember that Botox and Xeomin last up to three months and may involve minor bruising, so schedule your Botox appointment at least a week before your wedding or special event,” says Dr. Yaremchuk. He also specializes in injecting facial fillers such as Radiesse and Belotero Balance, so that everyone can look their most radiant, especially for photos. (My lips became perfectly full after injections of Belotero Balance). The blunt needle technique that he uses refines cheek contour and even lips, with no downtime. Dr. Yaremchuk also specializes in a “bespoke” cosmetic surgery practice, meaning that all of his patients receive highly personalized consultations and surgery, specifically gauged to their needs and facial features. It’s no wonder, then, that his patients flock to him from all over the world.

Other first-class cosmeceuticals include prestige products from dermatologist Dr. Nicolas Perricone, who wrote the bestseller The Wrinkle Cure. Dr. Perricone’s high-end formulas include High-Potency Face Firming Activator containing alpha lipoic acid, which firms the jawline. For brighter eyes, try his Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum, and don’t forget his breakthrough Cold Plasma skincare technology for luminous results.

The Wonder from Down Under

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention an amazing product from Australia — Jojoba 100% Natural Absolute Serum. This is a serious clock-stopping serum that helps skin appear firmer and visibly smoothed. Suitable for all skin types, this little miracle-in-a-bottle contains hyaluronic acid and carnosine di-peptides. Translation: They work together to boost collagen production, refine skin texture and soften expression lines. I slather it all over my face, neck, and decolletage, and I can tell you as a bestselling beauty writer, every drop harnesses the benefits of 100% natural jojoba grown on the company’s own farms. The time is ripe to try it!

Now go out there and set the world on fire — and look dazzling while doing it!

Debbi K. Kickham is a former Editor of Robb Report Magazine, and author of The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, which hit Number One on in the “Honeymoon Travel Guide” category. You can also reach her through her Maxima Marketing website at

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