Oxygen Pur Is A Breath of Fresh Air

This blog post is all about a brand new skim serum in the marketplace, which you just might want to stash in your suitcase.

Physicians, medical spas and beauty resorts often faced a challenge when it comes to one of the earth’s most common elements: oxygen. Although abundant, oxygen has long been underutilized in even the most well-intended health and beauty treatments, due to the inability to effectively harness its benefits in a way the body can understand. That’s until now. The Toronto-based beauty company Oxygen Pur has created a patented gas-infusion water system that saturates tap water with extremely high levels of dissolved oxygen. Using this system, they have created a line of ultra oxygenated skin serums; each has a special technology to carry oxygen through the skin, and to deliver it directly into the deepest levels of the dermis, leaving your skin invigorated with 400% of the normal amount of oxygen. What will that do? Stimulate cell metabolism and collagen production more efficiently than anything else on the market. Acting as a vehicle to transport natural gas into the skin, Oxygen Pur’s chemical-free serums help to nourish, protect and restore the skin, while fighting and defying the age process. They claim to:

Stimulate collagen and elastin production
Promote cell respiration and renewal
Plump facial skin from the inside out
Increase blood flow
Rejuvenate and visibly firm the skin

That’s a whole shower of health and beauty benefits you may just want to absorb, in your quest to look good and feel good in your travels. And don’t forget your travel-size Clarisonic!

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