United Scents of America – The Sweet Smell of Success

Would you like to smell like New Jersey? Of course many people might have an emphatic “No” to that, but then again, I don’t think they would say that after inhaling the top notes of fresh buttered popcorn, plus other notes of cotton candy, caramel and coconut, with peach and vanilla – in a special perfume named New Jersey. It’s one of the lovely fragrances of the United Scents of America, who ask the question, “Wouldn’t it be great if your fragrance could capture a special time and place in your life?”

I agree. These scents are meant to evoke specific destinations, and indeed they do. There’s New York – a sweet scent of orange, key lime, violet, and peaches, which may remind you of a stroll in Central Park.

Florida is the moniker of the fragrance with top notes of apple, violet, lime and rosewood, with bottom notes of peach and kiwi. The key lime will definitely make you feel like you’re in Key West. Texas strives to be bigger than all the rest, with notes of ruby red orange, red cedar, and amber. Then there’s California – which I believe should really be named Hawaii – due to its concentration of coconut and vanilla, which reminds me of the Aloha State. Massachusetts is composed of cranberry and lemon zest.

Say creators Sasha and Samantha, “We hope it inspires people to travel within the United States to places they have always dreamed of visiting. All fragrances are proudly made in New Jersey, USA. We want to bring jobs back to the United States of America, especially within the beauty industry, where a majority of work is performed overseas.”

And there’s more. According to their website, when you purchase a United Scents of America Massachusetts Fragrance or Candle, 25% of proceeds will go to The One Fund Boston to support the families affected by the senseless acts at the Boston Marathon.

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