Kate Middleton’s Swiss Chocolate Skincare Secret: How Sweet It Is!

What’s the next best thing to a trip to Switzerland? As a travel writer and beauty writer, I have the answer:

A trip to your bathroom sink – provided you use Karin Herzog Swiss cosmetic products. Not only will they transport you to Lake Geneva, they contain Swiss chocolate, to provide one of the most luxurious experiences your skin will savor. Furthermore, the Karin Herzog line is said to be the favorite brand of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge – which should tell you something about its remarkable results. So now you, too, can look like a polished princess! This is the way to go if you want to feel good and look good in your travels.

And here’s what else is great. The Karin Herzog products reviewed in this blog post all weigh less than two ounces, so you can breeze through security. What else? They will inspire you to bring a sweet snack on the plane. My favorite? Chocolate Twizzlers, which weigh in at just 30 calories per piece and have absolutely no fat to make you feel guilty. Just like Karin Herzog products.

A little background: These products are based on the research of an eminent scientist, Dr. Paul Herzog, who invented an artificial respiration system that is now used throughout the world. He is said to be the first scientist to successfully stabilize oxygen in an emulsion, which he has patented globally. With his wife and lab assistant Karin, they offer an ultra-performance skincare product line from Switzerland – the Karin Herzog brand.

OK — I know what you are saying right now — What are the benefits of actually putting chocolate on your face? Well, some experts say chocolate is high in antioxidants, contains anti-aging properties, offers a healthy glow, increases the production of collagen, lightens blemishes, hydrates your skin and softens fine lines and wrinkles. In other words, you may just get equal benefits by putting chocolate on your skin, as you do from eating it. In other words, you know how great you feel after munching on Toblerone? Well, now that feeling of elation can be focused on your face.

These products all contain real Swiss chocolate, Karin Herzog’s patented oxygen formula, plus potent vitamins and minerals. The result? A singular sensation that improves your skin faster than you can say, “Lindt.”

Karin Herzog Finest Chocolate Cleansing is a makeup remover that is formulated with premium organic chocolate, nourishing sesame oil and the essential oils of gardenia, rose and geranium. This gorgeous gel unclogs pores, dissolve impurities and removes waterproof makeup without stinging or irritation. Just warm it briefly in your hand before applying to your skin. It is the star of the show – an A-lister’s emulsion that smells so deliciously divine, you won’t believe it. Remember – it has no calories – so you can indulge as often as you like.

Karin Herzog Chocolate! is a nourishing chocolate comfort face cream. This vitamin-rich facial moisturizer is also formulated with premium Swiss chocolate, plus avocado, orange and wheat germ oil, to soothe skin and restore suppleness. Vitamin A helps revive and renew dull complexions and Vitamin E obviates irritation, while rich chocolate creates a truly scent-sational experience. Formulated to regulate the skin’s hydration levels, this cream is perfect for the cold winter months. As in – right now! This classy cream smells so fantastic, it should be bottled and sold as fragrance. I put it on my face before I went to the gym today, and its inviting aroma stayed with me, uplifting me as I bench-pressed, hit the dumbbells and did 200 situps.

Karin Herzog Choco2 is a day and night face cream that offers the combined power of 2% active oxygen and Swiss chocolate to flush out debris and toxins that line the capillaries, allowing nutrients to be efficiently absorbed through the capillary walls. This boosts the skin’s ability to hydrate and nourish, accelerate cell regeneration and restore optimal skin function. Oxygen, which is nature’s most effective antiseptic, combats bacteria below the surface of the skin, regulates sebum production and expedites the healing process to greatly reduce, if not completely clear, surface breakouts caused by anaerobic bacteria.

The line also includes other sweet goodies such as Vita-A-Kombi facial oil and even a men’s shaving oil, which you will want to tote in your travel kit.


Available at www.karinherzog.com and select spas and retailers nationwide.

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