Traveling? First Stop: Boston Proper

As all of you reading this blog post must know, I am the author of The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, which is the world’s first beauty book for women who travel. That means that it offers a wealth of wisdom and insider’s secrets about how to look great and feel great when you travel.

Well, before you go, before you even get your visa or pack your passport, I advise making a stop to Boston Proper via their catalog. This is a company that always has the traveling woman in mind, and outfits her in not only age-appropriate clothing, but that which is sexy, sophisticated, stylish and sensuous. Who doesn’t love that? Ladies, this is resort and travel wear you’ve been waiting for.

Boston Proper publishes 17 catalogs a year, and three of them are entitled Escape, Vacation and Travel In Summer, which means that they are dedicated to showcasing stunning styles that women can wear on the plane, on a cruise, and at their destination. But please note, as Senior Vice President of Marketing Margaret Moraskie told me, “Every catalog gives thought as to what our shopper will wear when she gets away.” So travelers will never go wrong, no matter what Boston Proper catalog they read.

You’ll find sexy swimwear and cover-ups, evening dresses and cocktail attire,
sportswear and comfy pants and tops that make travel a breeze, as well as beautiful shoes and jewelry. “We do a tremendous tops business,” adds Ms. Moraskie.

The typical Boston Proper customer is aged 35-55, is extremely well-educated, typically also shops at Neiman-Marcus and Nordstrom, and “she loves to travel,” says Ms. Moraskie. “We design and develop 90% of our clothing ourselves, and it’s all age-appropriate sexy. You won’t find yourself on every street corner.”

Traveling women will also especially love and appreciate Boston Proper’s bestselling wrinkle-resistant black mix-and-match separates, which are ideal for roaming the globe. “We are the go-to destination for clothes to wear on your vacation,” says Ms. Moraskie. There’s also an iron-clad guarantee in which you can exchange your clothing at any time, if you’re not happy with your purchase. “It makes the shopping hassle- and risk-free,” states Ms. Moraskie. You can say that again.

I’m currently in love with numerous Boston Proper outfits that are ideal for travel from Boston to Bora Bora. First is a terry, nautical warm-up suit in navy stripes that is sure to be ideal when traveling on chilly jet planes, when you want something soft and stretchable next to your skin (catalog number S022ZE ). Next is a darling little gray-striped dress with a flattering twist at the bustline – I’m pictured wearing it in this blog post (catalog number 0222CA), which is just made for cocktails, especially on a cruise line. And Boston Proper also has a wealth of wonderful bathing suits that are sleek and stunning – and great if you are over 40 years old. I’m proud to say I’m 56 years old and a size 4, which is why I selected the concrete-colored ruffled bikini (catalog number 4222MF). Also, my must-have on any beach is the Empire waist, shirred hot pink one-piece with tummy control that would work for everyone’s figure (catalog number 4222MB). Another chic selection? The three-quarter sleeve ruched Empire top that will complement any body type (catalog number 4222ZE).

Gorgeous globetrotters out there, are you listening? Stash any of these outfits in your Samsonite or your Travel Pro suitcase — they’re your visa to a vivacious vacation!

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