The Tan Commandments Thanks To Xen-Tan (Part One)

If you want sexy, long, lean legs – that are tan – along with the rest of you, take it from me as a Boston beauty writer. You need Xen-Tan! I came upon this wonderful brand in Neiman-Marcus, and it offers some of the best, most innovative self-tanning products in the marketplace. Celebrities also swear by Xen-Tan to make them red-carpet ready. They’re ideal for stashing in your Samsonite for every trip!

1). Thou Shalt Use Xen-Tan Face Tanner. Wake up and smell the coffee – or should I say lemon. Xen-Tan’s Daily Self-Tanner has a luscious lemony scent that is ripe for using anytime. And unlike other self-tanners that turn your skin orange, this one will turn your face a lovely shade of natural-looking cocoa tan. In fact, all of Xen-Tan products are formulated so that they give you added olive undertone with realistic color, even if you have the fairest skin of them all.

2). Thou Shalt Try Transform Luxe. Fragranced with a yummy vanilla-bean scent, Transform Luxe contains soothing shea butter and an innovative time-release formula. What this means is that it doesn’t build a tan; rather, immediate color is achieved upon the first application. It can actually be used just like any daily body and facial moisturizer. Also contains a form of aloe, green tea, and the antioxidant Gingko Biloba leaf extract.

3). Transform Thy Skin With Transform.
This winning self-tanner, Transform, also has the time-release formulation and contains shea butter, Vitamin E and an antioxidant complex. This is a gradual self-tanner that also has a pleasant lemony/citrus fragrance.

4). Honor Thy Perfect Blend. Here’s one of the best inventions ever. Xen-Tan makes Perfect Blend, in which you can customize your self-tan by simply turning the dial from light to dark. The tube will dispense self-tanner to your preference, and there’s even a bronzer for instant glow. You can go light, medium or dark to your heart’s content. Xen-Tan also has a proprietary Scent Secure technology that works over any self-tanning product to erase and block out unpleasant odors.

5). Thou Shalt Not Leave The House Without Perfect Bronze. This luxurious product is the perfect compact tanning powder that imports a true brown-based transparent bronzer without a glimmer of shimmer. Stay sun-kissed from morning until night, by simply brushing on areas of your face that the sun would naturally tan. It’s the perfect little powder to take you from home to work to gym to evening out. Now it’s actually a good idea to show your dark side!

You’ll find Xen-Tan at Nordstrom, Ulta, Kitson, Fred Segal and Facelogic Spas across the United States. Use these products religiously and you’ll experience Seventh Heaven!

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