Shore Up Your Swimsuit Confidence With Venus Fashions

I don’t know any woman out there who doesn’t want to look like a fashion model. To look like she “stepped out of a magazine.” I certainly do. I love clothes – always have – yet I can’t stand the atrociously high prices that most fashion designers charge for their creations. As the author of The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, I’m always on the lookout for beautiful, wallet-friendly bathing suits that I can wear at the beach; at my destination; on a cruise ship; and at a resort.

I love beautiful clothing – yet, for me, it doesn’t have to be made by a high-profile designer. The clothing simply has to be pretty, stylish, and figure-flattering, and be available at a good price. I’ll also be the first to admit that I love a bargain. That’s why I’m so crazy about Venus Fashions and I’m thrilled that I discovered this Florida company that creates made-in-America, gorgeous garments. You haven’t heard of them? Be prepared to be amazed by all that Venus offers. This blog post is about the million-and-one reasons that you should ONLY shop Venus for your bathing suits. Venus, as you will discover, is the bathing-suit-world’s best-kept secret!

Furthermore, the average price of a Venus bathing suit is just $62, with many offered at much lower prices than that. They are priced FAR BELOW the “boutique brands” – and the fit is much, much better.

Here are some reasons to visit Venus’ website RIGHT NOW.

Swimwear To Suit Everyone

Who wouldn’t love to buy a bathing suit that has 11 options for the bikini bottom? You heard that right. Because of Venus’s mix-and-match philosophy – which works for every woman out there — you can buy a bikini top and take your choice of the most beautiful bottom to accent your body. There’s a swim skirt; tie-side; ruched low rise; scoop; fold waist; high-waist full; low-rise; goddess with adjusting metal slides; ruched waist; high-waist moderate; and swim short. Can you believe it? Why would you ever shop anywhere else? Here’s the only way to custom-create the perfect bathing suit, in every style, and every color to complement your body type – whether you’re an apple, a pear, or a stick. Venus has more swimsuit options than you can shake a swatch at! With Venus, you can custom-create and coordinate to your heart’s content, knowing that you will look beautiful at the beach.

Venus pioneered max-and-match starting in 1982, and if you’ve got the perfect little size-4 body – or you have figure flaws that you need to hide – you’re in luck. Venus offers oceans of options to slim and slenderize you. Bikini tops, for example, come in size A to DD – so you are sure to find a style to complement your figure. Styles also come in Extra-small to Extra-large, so you’re going to be in luck with your bathing suit as well as in your selection of tops, pants, shorts, skirts, sweaters and suits.

Here are some of the 2013 season’s Venus bathing suits, which ooze versatility, charm, style, sex appeal and pizzazz:

The pink sequined bikini – my husband Bill fell in love with this style on me, commenting that the sequins will be dazzling in the summer sun. When I told him the price — $24 for the top and $21 for the bottom — he nearly fell over. (Just try getting something similarly priced—and similarly stunning – at the local mall! It’s no “Secret” that the competition will easily charge you, on average, about $45 just for a bikini top.) Wearing this bikini makes me even more determined to get to the gym every day, to stay 112 pounds at my old age of 57.

The “Marilyn” top with swim skirt. It’s Destination Beautiful – or Bust – with these terrific tops. You can even knot the straps for a completely different look.

The “Bond Girl” yellow scuba one-piece – I love this suit when I want to get in touch with my inner “Vesper.” It’s gorgeous and Christie Brinkley-beautiful.

The perfect-for-petites white-and-black swimsuit. The Empire waist number with white ruffles will make every petite person look tall, tall, tall and elegant. (This applies most definitely to me and my short legs.) My husband saw me in this suit and declared, “Everyone on the beach is going to ask you where you bought that beautiful bathing suit with ruffles!”

This retro one-piece cut-out black suit will make you look like you belong in Vogue Magazine.

Cover-ups with class. Of course, no bathing suit is complete without the perfect cover up. I’m mad for these sheer mesh miniskirts, in a rainbow of colors, which are oh-so-sexy. Wear one and you’ll feel like a cheerleader again.

And check out the classy cover-ups! There’s this elegant white silk tunic with blue sequins, which comes in seven colors. I can just see myself wearing this on a luxury cruise ship, as we head into the Greek islands or the French Riviera. C’est chic!

A cotton quarter-length sleeve creation that’s also ideal for cruising – it looks terribly expensive, but is a great bargain at just $24, on sale right now. You’ve got to have it!

And a cotton sundress that screams “Four Seasons” even if you’re staying at Motel 6. I’ll be wearing this little white dress every time we head down to Cape Cod and go out to dinner in Wellfleet at Moby Dick’s.

Venus’ bathing suit designer, Jodi Frederick, has been designing swimsuits for 30 years. All of the components are tested for function and durability. Their swimsuits MUST be sexy, comfortable and functional, or they won’t put them on the market. If you are a size 8, for example, according to the Venus chart, you can buy any size 8 swimsuit they carry and it will fit perfectly.

Need a return? Venus wants you to be 100% satisfied, and you only need to call (800) 366-7946 24/7. They want to surpass your expectations. In-stock merchandise is generally shipped within 24 hours and returns are processed within 48 hours of receipt. And 100% of the calls, email questions and other customer contacts are handled by Venus employees in Jacksonville, Fla., (and not in India or the Philippines), avoiding frustration with a capital F! You can even return your new, unused item in 90 days for a full exchange or refund. Doesn’t that sound great?

With these stunning swimsuits, you’ll be dodging the paparazzi before you know it.

Stay tuned for another blog post about Venus, featuring their adorable dresses, tops, shorts, suits and other classic fashion staples that you won’t want to live without.

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