Celebrities Love Sorme Cosmetics

Anyone who has seen Elizabeth Taylor starring as “Cleopatra” is familiar with her signature eye makeup – dramatic large swishes of black kohl. In fact, the Egyptian name for kohl is “Sorme.” So it’s no surprise that Sorme is the name of a respected brand of treatment cosmetics that is the makeup of choice for top Hollywood studios, professional makeup artists and celebrities. They consider Sorme their “secret weapon” and now, so can you. Gorgeous globetrotters out there should definitely consider toting Beverly Hills-based Sorme in their TravelPro suitcases!

Sorme Treatment Cosmetics contain active plant botanicals, natural minerals, healing vitamins and age-reversing peptides, to offer you complexion perfection while offering your skin a wide variety of excellent cosmetics. In other words, Sorme is a brand that approaches makeup from a skincare perspective. That’s what sets Sorme apart. This award-winning makeup line is a regular on the pages of dermatology industry magazines as well as consumer magazines such as People and Allure.

For example, with BB creams all the rage right now, I was pleased to find that Sorme makes a “Treat and Tint” Skin-Perfecting BB Cream that’s in a league of its own. It not only diminishes flaws, but it does so with pure argan oil, aloe, chamomile, plus an antioxidant formulation of ingredients that include rosemary, passion fruit and papaya. The time is ripe to use this lovely lightweight formula, and especially since it’s SPF 30.

And if you like Wet/Dry foundation – I sure do – try Sorme’s Believable Finish. You’ll not only enjoy a silky finish on your face, but its ingredients of alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidant Vitamin C both stimulate cellular renewal. That’s the type of two-for-one that all women can appreciate.

The Jet Liner for my eyes got me to finally ditch my drugstore brand. Cleopatra would certainly love this liner, with its thin tapered brush, and ability to create thin lines to accent your eyes. And for ultra flirtatious lashes, stroke on Ultra Lash, a lengthening mascara that also contains Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil to condition your lashes while it maximizes them to “out there.”

Your lips will also look lush with the smearproof lip liners in 15 colors including my favorite, Tease, which is a brown-cinnamon-spice that will complement most lipsticks under the sun. Fill it in with Tasty Tubes shiny lipgloss that come in six gorgeous tints. I’m very happy to spread the news about Sorme – in other words, my lips are not sealed. Pack Sorme in your cosmetics case whether you’re going to Boston, Barbados or Barcelona.

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