First-Class Travel Products At Dollar Tree Stores

Who doesn’t love the dollar store? I certainly do, and it’s obvious. At Dollar Tree, everything costs just one buck.

But here’s the greatest thing about it, which anyone who travels should know: Because each item only costs one dollar, it naturally comes in a smaller size than normal. Translation: Dollar Tree is a great place to load up on travel items, when you definitely need small-sized products that will travel well and not require precious room in your suitcase. It’s your passport to perfectly sized travel products. Note to Dollar Tree marketing executives: You need to capitalize on this unique marketing strategy – you are missing a huge opportunity here. As a travel marketing expert, I know what I’m talking about.
As a professional “gorgeous globetrotter,” with great tips on how to look and feel good when traveling, I typically visit Dollar Tree in Walpole, Mass. I visited there back in October, for example, to stock up on goodies for my upcoming trip to Paris with my sister. I was delighted that, instead of visiting my local drugstore – I could find everything I needed for my trip at Dollar Tree and also at a huge discount. I bought aspirin and ibuprofen. I got antacid. I purchased toothpaste and dental floss. I bought mouthwash. I also lined up great snacks: baked cheddar crackers and granola bars, as well as Nutella and Twizzlers (each piece has just 30 calories and is fun to eat on the plane). I included nighttime sleep medicine, and vitamins. I also treated myself to a sleep mask and a shower cap. I also recommend that people travel with a luxury bar of soap, and I found that as well. There was also nail polish remover, and cotton balls and Q-tips. And that perennial travel favorite: plastic sandwich bags with a zipper closing, which are indispensable when you’re on the road. Sunglasses? Check. (And I’ll never worry about losing them – after all, they only cost a dollar!). Reading glasses? Oh yes. A stylus for my smartphone? Yes again. Dollar Tree, I think I’m your biggest fan. Yes, if you want small travel sizes you can also visit, and also to for all kinds of pint-sized products – but Dollar Tree is great to know when you’re on the go and need it in a minute. Try your luck for just a buck!

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