Oh, Venus – Fashion’s Best-Kept Secret

Who doesn’t love beautiful clothes? If you’re like me, you thrill to gorgeous garments, and when you wear something really chic and fashionable, you walk a little taller, act more confident, feel five pounds thinner, and simply look more stunning. To me, spending time at a terrific destination – and wearing something fabulous when I’m there – is the best kind of fun.

The only problem with most fashion retailers is that I believe it’s really hard for most women to find beautiful clothing that flatters her figure. Seen recent ads in most fashion magazines? My husband says that the models look dead. Frequently their hair is frizzed out, their makeup is out-to-lunch and they’re wearing bizarre “aspirational” clothing that is so weird it’s only fit for the fantasy of the runway. Who wants to look like that?

Let’s face it – As a Boston fashion and beauty writer, and author of the bestselling book The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, I know that every woman want to look attractive everywhere she goes, in figure-flattering, affordable fashions that highlight her best features and make her stand out from the crowd. And that is not always easy to find. That’s why I’m THRILLED to tell you all about my wonderful new discovery: Venus Fashions. Finally, here is a fashion retailer with up-to-the-minute lovely styles, the most affordable prices I’ve ever seen in the business, made of the highest quality, and with the best customer service anywhere! If you’re tired – like I am – of finding average, lackluster clothing that still costs an arm and a leg, Venus is for you, especially if you’re searching for the perfect travel clothing, resort wear, or the perfect outfit to wear at your destination, at home and inbetween. Here are my Top 10 Reasons why you should shop Venus and nowhere else! After all, in my opinion, Venus is fashion’s best-kept secret.

1). The swimwear is awesome in every way. I will never shop for swimwear anywhere else, ever again. Let’s face it, a pretty Victoria’s Secret bathing suit can cost you $58 for just the top. Add a bottom and now you’ve spent close to $100. Venus Fashions offers “trend-right” swimwear that will accentuate your best features and hide your flaws – at an amazing, average cost of just $29-$39 per item. (When it goes on sale it’s even more affordable. I’ve seen swimsuit tops marked down to just $7! I repeat — $7!) Isn’t that fantastic? The tops come in sizes A-DD – try finding that anywhere else! You’re sure to find your size. The most popular swimsuit tops are the Goddess Enhancer top, the Marilyn Bra, the Diva Mega Bra, and the Enhancer Triangle Top, which are all made to make the most of your figure, when it’s on display at the beach for the world to see. The dozens and dozens of sexy swimsuits of every conceivable style and color are all figure-enhancing – and that’s exactly what every woman wants in a bathing suit. Venus’ designers first create, then fine-tune all of the construction patterns for the swimsuits, so they fit you to a T – or in this case – a V! Take a look at this stunning swimsuit with jeweled accents – wear it and you’ll look like a movie star or a starlet in St. Tropez. And this yellow two-piece scuba suit is one that will make you look like you belong at the Four Seasons pool – even if you’re staying at Motel 6. Gorgeous globetrotters, Venus is for you. I don’t know about you, but these kinds of styles give me goosebumps just thinking about it. In fact, wearing these beautiful bathing suits always gives me — and should give you — even more incentive to work out every single day, so I can still put my 56-year-old body into a size 4!

2). Bottom’s up! Every gal’s gams will be accentuated by Venus’ very popular bathing suit moderate-scoop bottoms that make everyone’s legs look longer, provide good coverage and complement your entire figure. Even if you don’t have the most perfect legs – you will still look great. In this case, that IS a feeling that money can buy.

3). Swimwear is high-quality merchandise. “We think about how we can make our customer look and feel beautiful,” says Venus media spokesperson Shannon Boahn. That means that Venus uses a higher-quality fabric than its competitors, along with higher-quality cups and elastic. Translation – your bathing suit will last MANY swimsuit seasons, and won’t fall apart by Labor Day of the same year in which you buy it. That’s investment dressing at its best.

4). You’ll love the slider. Most of the swimsuit tops have an exclusive, proprietary Venus slider adjustment that affords up to four inches of under-the-bust flexibility, and most have adjustable straps. In other words, you’ll get a perfect bustline fit that is figure-flattering. The fashion industry has taken notice – Venus is famous for having the best, most consistent fit of any other fashion manufacturer. If you’re out of shape, Venus tops and bottoms will still look pretty on you, and if you’re in shape, you will look even more awesome and showcase your hourglass figure.

5). Venus pioneered Mix and Match. Back in 1984, Venus created the mix-and-match tradition, and you can be assured that you can find the perfect top for every bottom, especially if your preferred choice is out of stock due to its popularity. For example, I ordered the cornflower blue Bond-girl bikini, and since the top was not available, I substituted the Marilyn Bra in white. Voila! I’m still a Bond girl. (All that I’m missing is the knife that Halle Berry carried when coming out of the water in that famous orange bikini in Die Another Day.)

6). It’s made in the USA. Most of the swimwear and clothing is made in Jacksonville, Fla., and Dexter, NY. Go America! I love that fact.

7). The dresses are highly desirable. In fact, Venus’ bestsellers are dresses. I’m personally in love with the dresses that I ordered: These dresses are the ideal little numbers to wear at your destination, at a special event, at your high-school reunion, at cocktail parties, on New Year’s Eve, with plenty more well-suited to wear to work. I personally make a great deal of in-person speaking appearances, and trust me, you will see me outfitted in Venus as I appear all across Boston this Fall. This white bow-backed dress is so sophisticated, you’ll see me wearing it at my 40th high school reunion. This short-sleeved dress with little peplum is perfect for a special occasion, or when you need to make a special presentation at work – just add strands of black pearls and you are oh-so-chic. You’ll look like a TV anchorwoman! And this pink sequined dress – well, I just had to have it, as pink is my favorite color. It is ideal to wear to a wedding, at Christmastime, out to dinner, or on New Year’s Eve. I’m also quite fond of this turtleneck black sweater mini dress that is ideal for Fall. And the quality of all the clothing is awesome – seams are straight-as-an arrow. And many of the gorgeous garments provide extra buttons.

8). You’ll also find high-fashion tops, pants, shorts, skirts, suits, shoes, accessories, jumpsuits, lingerie, jeans, sweaters, beach cover-ups and more. My walk-in closet now features the adorable black sailor’s shorts with gold buttons, which I will wear with the matching eyelet white sweater with three-quarter sleeves. Adorable! But I’m most in love with the sequined black short shorts – these are all the rage right now, and I was delighted to find them at Venus. They’ll be perfect for Formal Night on my next cruise. You can be sure they will receive compliments.

9). New apparel is added every few weeks. You can visit the Venus website and always find new fashion trends and styles, to keep your closet up-to-date. And at Venus’ value-packed affordable prices, you can stretch your hard-earned money

10). The customer service is acclaimed. Venus prides itself as having the best customer service in the industry, providing customer service that will exceed your expectations. In-stock merchandise is generally shipped within 24 hours and returns are processed within 48 hours of receipt. And none of your calls to the company are outsourced, say, to India, as is so common nowadays, which typically results in nothing but Frustration With A Capital “F.” All 100% of the calls, e-mail questions and other customer contacts are handled by Venus employees at the customer center in Jacksonville, Fla. You can return your new, unused item in 90 days for a full exchange or refund; simply call (888) 782-2224 or (904) 645-6000.

So bring out your inner goddess – if you want to channel Aphrodite, you need Venus. As you can tell, I am one very enthusiastic Venus customer. Happy shopping!

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