Live the Lush Life When You Travel

Even if you’re traveling in coach, there’s ALWAYS a way to make yourself more comfortable, and to (almost) feel like you’re going first class.

That’s what my book The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide is all about, and in it, I recommend a wealth of products to help you do just that.

One brand of products to consider is LUSH. Filled with fun, made fresh, packaged in reusable containers, LUSH can offer gorgeous globetrotters products that are “just the ticket” to better beauty and well-being on your trip. If you visit a LUSH store in your travels, I guarantee you will be kid in a candy store, with all the delightful aromas and array of beauty products on display, which are as effective as they are natural. Here’s a sample you should definitely try, whether you’re staying at the Four Points (which I love) or the Four Seasons (which I also love).

Fair Trade Honey Shampoo. Over one-half of the bottle contains luscious fair-trade honey and it is also preservative-free. The buzz? It imparts wonderful shine and luster to your tresses. And if you’re worried about packing liquids and getting through airport security, try any of the LUSH shampoo bars, in tantalizing aromas such as Jumping Juniper (lavender) and Karma Komba (lemongrass-orange). LUSH also has a solid hair conditioner bar made with coconut oil, lemon and seaweed. These are great options on the fly.

Cosmetic Lad. This is a boy-joy that all women can enjoy too. It contains wheatgrass juice and lavender honey water, making it an “mmm-mmm-good” moisturizer for all skin types.

Dirty Shaving Cream. When you want to forego waxing your gorgeous gams, try this special shaving formulation made with oat milk, shea butter and honey.

Honey I Washed The Kids. My husband Bill loves this soap, with its lemony-honey fragrance, touch of caramel, and edged with a honeycomb. Definitely stash this in your suitcase, to make any Motel 6 feel like a Six Senses spa!

Bath Bombs. Bombs away! Make your hotel room hot-hot-hot with any of these LUSH bath bombs to bubble up your bathtub. There’s Sex Bomb (jasmine and ylang-ylang); Fizzbanger (apple-cinnamon); and Sakura (cherry blossom). There’s no better way to de-stress and nurture your tired and weary self, than with a LUSH bath bomb and oodles of bubbles in your hotel-room tub. All you’ll need for divine decadence is a tray from room service!

Rub Rub Rub. This is a great shower scrub containing fresh sea salt, mimosa and orange blossoms. Before summer comes, when you need to exfoliate and prime your entire person before applying self-tanner, this LUSH product will do the trick.

Toothy Tabs. Use these and I don’t think you’ll ever use regular toothpaste again when you travel. Take a LUSH toothy tab, and nibble on it. Then, wet your toothbrush, brush normally, and spit out excess foam. Comes in amazing flavors such as Ultrablast lavender mist, Atomic with cinnamon-clove, and Chou Chou I Love You in rose petal and lemon. They’re all vegan, and the packing is recyclable.

You’ll also love knowing that LUSH has several charity partners, including The Puppy Mill Project ( and Worldwide Fistula Fund (, a nonprofit organization for women who suffer from obstetric fistula, a medical condition developed during prolonged or obstructed labor. I’m happy to also say that I enlisted the Boston LUSH store to support the Boston chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ( at their recent A Sip in the Park charity fundraising event at Fenway Park. Caps – and hats off – to LUSH!

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