Jamberry Will Juice Up Your Manicure

This blog post is all about nail advice for travelers and manicures for travelers.

I love beautiful, manicured nails.  And when you travel, it’s one of life’s little pleasures, to sport 10 digits that look super chic when you’re on the go. And here is another plus – since you’re not washing dishes or making beds when you travel – your manicure lasts longer. As author of a bestselling travel/beauty book, I know what really works.

Here’s my problem with most nail polishes: When I apply and wear a darker color of nail lacquer, even for a week, it darkens my natural nails, so that they don’t look good “in the buff.” And nowadays, plain old polish is oh-so-boring!

Then I discovered Jamberry – absolutely the world’s most gorgeous stick-on nail art, and it has transformed my life – and my fingertips.  Because Jamberry sticks on, your nails will not absorb any color from polish, and thus, your natural nails will always look good.  With Jamberry, you will have a stunning set of 10, either way.

Jamberry’s array and scope and styles of stick-on artwork are enormous. — and drop-dead gorgeous. Take a look.

I’m crazy about Word to the Wise – black calligraphy on white polish.  The writer in me, who loves words, says that this stunning style is a winner.

Then you have the lacy Whisper, and the green-and-white stripes of Arcade.

Perfect for summer, Blushing Floral is a mix of pink with overlaid gold swirls.

The hottest new trendy color – Marsala – is evident in Marsala stripe.

And here’s a tip: French tips.  They come in a rainbow of colors, although my favorite features little French bows.  Oo la la!

For the little ones in your life – there is Jamberry Juniors, offering pint-sized stickers in yummy colors such as Sprinkles and Frosting.

There are also oodles of polka dots and stripes.

These sizzling spring and summer styles are just the (nail) tip of the iceberg!

Jamberry also has a club that you can join, for just $25 a month with FREE shipping. You’ll enjoy Jamberry nail art quickly and easily throughout the year.

Skip the salon – do your nails a favor and simply apply Jamberry to your nails.  Then, let the compliments begin!

Jamberry turns your manicure into a masterpiece.


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