Breeze Through TSA With Colleen Rothschild

Would you buy your skincare products from a stunningly beautiful blonde with perfect skin?

I certainly would – but only from Colleen Rothschild. This brainy beauty has one of the best reputations in the beauty business, and has worked with scores of companies on their skincare brands. That led her to create her own line, Colleen Rothschild, and it’s a winner in every way. In a way, I have a lot in common with Colleen – not only does she strive for beautiful skin, but she’s from Boston, and she loves Nutella too. (It’s the one snack I can’t live without.) She’s my kind of gal.

That said, here’s what sets Colleen Rothschild skincare apart from the competition.
This line answers the two most critical skincare questions that women want answered:

1. How do I get the best results with the least time and effort?
2. Who do I trust to tell me what I need and what I don’t?

As a result, Colleen Rothschild blends proven, time-tested ingredients with cutting-edge formulations that give skin the nurturing nourishment it needs.

The line also contains a proprietary delivery system, called Level E3, which transports and extends the effectiveness and efficiency of every ingredient in the line.

The ingredients are impressive. But before I get there – first things first. All women who travel should get themselves Colleen’s Discovery Collection ($95), which contains travel sizes of six different products, along with a muslin cloth that you can use to wash your face.

Inside the attractive brown Discovery travel bag are the following:

Radiant Cleansing Balm, containing black seed oil and a lovely aromatic complex, which calms and decongests your face. You can use this product as a mini-facial, by leaving it on the skin for a few minutes, covering it with the muslin cloth, and letting it work its magic.

Dual Enzyme Polish is one of the best exfoliants I’ve ever used, with a sweet, delicious scent due to the fruit-enzyme complex. It sloughs off dull, depleted cells and finesses your face. After traveling, this product is your visa to a vivacious visage! It can also be used on your hands — especially after flying — for a quickie manicure that imparts softness to your skin.

Clarifying Detox Mask contains charcoal and glycolic acid to remove trapped dirt and debris, resulting in brightness. All women will love this, whether they’re traveling to Boston or Bora Bora.

Sheer Renewal Cream is a super multitasker – use it on the plane to defend your face against the harsh environment. It provides a light, breathable barrier, and guys can even use it to soothe their skin after shaving.

Extreme Recovery Cream contains hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate your skin. After hours spent on a plane, this tube is an excellent treatment for thirsty skin that’s been deprived of clean air and moisture.

Face Oil Number 9 combines nine transformative oils – such as jojoba, sweet almond and Vitamin E along with ginger extract — which provide your skin with an intense moisture boost. But it’s not only great for your face – give it a try on dry cuticles for radiant results.

Colleen Rothschild’s skincare is how to make your face feel better when flying. Add it to your carry-on bag, and your bon voyage will get even better.

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