Benefit Cosmetics Launches Innovative Beauty Vending Machines At Airports

Yikes! You arrive at the airport, passport in hand – only to realize that you’ve forgotten your mascara and blusher. What’s a gorgeous globetrotter to do when you need to touch up after – or before – you touchdown?

Well, nowadays, if you’re at an airport such as JFK in New York or George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, you’re in luck. The beauty brand Benefit has launched adorable pink-bus kiosks/vending machines there for travelers, so you can grab those last-minute cosmetics you may have forgotten. Benefit’s pretty pink “buses” are also at the airports in Las Vegas, Austin, Texas, Cleveland and Savannah, with other airports in the works as well. This is a whole new wave of automated retailing.

I love this idea. Now that massages, manicures and pedicures are available at the airport, why not beauty products? Especially those from Benefit. The company is famous for its cheeky merchandising, including the humorous names of its products: “Fine One One” color for cheeks and lips, to revive them, stat! “They’re Real” mascara. “Benetint” lip and cheek stain, “Hello Flawless!” powder, and “The POREfessional” primer. Those witty names are so enticing! Benefit’s motto is “Laughter is the best cosmetic,” and it couldn’t be more true. In all, Benefit will offer 30 of its bestselling products – all of which are cleverly and beautifully packaged — at its “Glam Up & Away” bus kiosks at selected airports.

Certainly, before you leave, you can purchase FABULOUS TSA-compliant cosmetics and other goodies from
(You should never travel without their handy-dandy packets of fat-free salad dressing.) And with hope, you’ve purchased and read my travel bestseller, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, so you’re well-versed in packing Oscillococcinum, a silk eye mask from Branche, low-calorie travel snacks, and other things, so that you can travel more comfortably, healthily, and luxuriously.

But when you are AT the airport, it’s great to know you can still get some gorgeous products that, of course, you will need on your safari in Africa, your business conference in Boston or your honeymoon in Maui.

I also couldn’t agree more with Julie Bell, Benefit’s executive vice president of marketing, who said that the Benefit buses are “wow on wheels!

Furthermore – they have taken beauty — and flying – to a whole new level.

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