Branche Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep From Silk

When I travel, there are two things I can’t leave home without: my silk pillowcase, and my silk eye mask. These two things are indispensable to me, offering me a luxurious, restful snooze that 1). Doesn’t cause creases or wrinkles on my hairdo and face and 2). Keeps out the light.

Branche Beauty SleepI’m thrilled to share with you my latest beauty-travel discovery: Branche. This company makes ultraluxurious silk pillowcases and eye masks that caress your face and hair in a cradle of comfort. You’ll look and feel like a movie star when you catch your ZZZZs with these! These are my latest unusual travel tips on how to travel comfortably and how to travel in style.

Why silk? Silk is made of 18 amino acids – the same as our skin and hair. So it offers healing and restorative properties. I used to sleep on a satin pillowcase and although polyester satin feels smooth to your hand, the test for polyester is to rub the fabric back and forth between your thumb and forefinger. Poly fibers are actually quite sharp and you can feel them slice into your skin. Also, poly puts off a “charge” that causes “static” to hair.

However, Branche’s silk charmeuse, woven with state-of-the art weaving, is the only silk satin recommended for its beauty benefits. It is super s-o-f-t. It also has a slow-weave process that stays smooth through washing. “Charmeuse” is the French word for satin, and usually refers to silk. Also, silk is made of 18 amino acids — the same as your skin and hair — making it an excellent choice to sleep on.

Also, silk is like diamonds in that quality is determined by several factors: quality of fiber, length of fiber, type of weave, and weight of the finished fabric. Branche silk is made of mulberry silk fibers and has a hefty 22 “momme weight.” Momme (pronounced “mommy” and abbreviated as”mm”) expresses the weight in pounds of a piece of material 45 inches by 100 yards. The higher the momme, the heavier and stronger the fabric. Medium-weight silk (20 to 28 momme) is a smart choice for silk scarves, wedding dresses and the ultimate luxury of silk sheets and pillowcases.

Oprah even found Branche’s Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase, and the “Belle de Nuit” eye mask as two of her Favorite Things. They are available in 10 colors but I selected the gorgeous baby-pink Blush color. Now I sleep like a baby – and wake up feeling like a million bucks.

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