Umberto Beverly Hills: Ciao Bella!

I’m proud to say that I have gorgeous hair.  It’s not due to me, of course.  My wavy hair is Keratin straightened, and then highlighted blonde, and all those chemicals do a number on my hair. I go to the best salon in Boston – Salon Acote on fashionable Newbury Street, where owner Alex Safar keeps my  hair in top form.  But in addition to that I have started using incredible Umberto Beverly Hills products at home, and now, thankfully, I have made the Best-Tressed List (even in my own imagination!). These products will enable you to look good when you travel too.

Noted hair stylist and master cutter Umberto Savone, of Italy and Beverly Hills, who has worked on the hair of the world’s most beautiful and glamorous women, now can let everyone experience his incredible expertise, so everyone can enjoy La Dolce Vita. He has introduced his new styling products, which are sold exclusively at Target and at his West Coast salons.  Take a look at what I’ve been using, all of which have made me a veritable, bona fide, blonde bombshell. (My husband would agree with that!)

Umberto Beverly Hills Repair Shampoo. As a Boston beauty writer, Here are the two words I must forever live my life by, because my hair is Keratin-straightened – “Sulfate-Free.”  I can’t use anything containing sodium laureth sulfate, because it will strip the expensive keratin right out of my hair. Umberto’s shampoo is also infused with Sea Silk, a marine-derived extract. This is my new go-to gorgeous-maker.

Umberto Beverly Hills Repair Treatment Masque. Got 10-15 minutes to spare?  Good.  After you lather, rinse, and repeat, slather on this special Professional Series masque while you shave your legs. This therapeutic masque contains algae, wheat and soy protein to pamper your porous locks.  Give it a shot and try a little tenderness on your hair – you’ll soon be blessed with smooth-as-silk strands.

Umberto Beverly Hills Roman Oil Serum.  Special oils are all the rage now, and Umberto has a Roman Oil that feels like a Roman Holiday. Fragranced with the scent of gardenias, this frizz-fighter seals in moisture.  Use it before and after blow-drying for hair with va-va-va voom volume and shine. Or, simply rely on the Umberto Beverly Hills Shimmer Shine Spray, to also add lightweight, non-greasy shine.

Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Dry Shampoo.  This is my new weapon in my arsenal, so I can always look good on the go and in all my travels.  Want your hair to look pretty and pristine on the fly? Just spray on a small amount of this dry shampoo, and you’ll revive your tired hair with its unique rice starch formula.  This is a great way to make your blow dry last a few days more! As a beauty spokesperson and cruise ship lecturer, I’m going to definitely stash Umberto’s dry shampoo in my Samsonite.


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