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I don’t know any woman who doesn’t want to be slim. And here’s a smart option, so you don’t get detoured on the Road to Sveltesville.
Have you ever traveled to a special restaurant, and know that you’re definitely going to eat dessert? Chances are you make trade-offs – for example, you do without salad dressing on your greens, to save calories while you watch your weight. I do that all the time. But instead of going without dressing, I thank Heaven for the petite packets of fat-free salad dressing that I get from, which I stash in my purse. They allow me to have my proverbial cake – and eat it too – and especially when I’m on the road. I’m always seeking slimming strategies in my travels!

As a professional travel journalist, and a professional business speaker who frequently lectures on cruise ships, I am thrilled to have discovered the website Let’s face it – it’s difficult to merely go through TSA at the airport. All globetrotters need to have their liquids and gels assembled in one place, and with nothing weighing more than three ounces. That’s where comes in. It stocks lovely Lilliputian sizes of just about everything you need when you’re going the distance. The assortment of goodies is simply amazing. You name it — has it – foods (even kosher, organic and gluten-free), beverages, pharmacy and personal care items, cosmetics, and much, much more. Such as:Tiny tubes of toothpaste. One ounce tubes of Banana Boat sunscreen. Handcream in 1.35-oz. tubes. Justin’s peanut butter in puny packets. Gluten-free fruit bars weighing one ounce. Packets of Emergen-C and Airborne. Teensy sizes of Benadryl spray and Neosporin. Pocket-sized hummus spread in small packets. Toilet tissue-to-go. And a thousand more items. And if you’re like me and you always pack a small medicine bag filled with first aid items, is a godsend, selling everything from bandages to small folding scissors.

Paul Shrater, co-founder of the company, told me that he got the idea for after he rented a cabin in New Hampshire, and bought full-sized bottles of barbecue sauce and ketchup for a cook-out –and left everything there afterwards, going to waste. His mission afterwards? To focus on “everything small.” The company stocks thousands of products and they can even be shipped directly to your hotel. There’s even, for brides, a special Honeymoon Travel Kit with tiny sizes of everything from lavender shampoo, to mouthwash, shaving cream – and almond massage oil. And a hospital overnight bag, containing all the things you might need when infirmed.

All kinds of travelers love the items stocked by — travelers attending destination weddings, brides and grooms, professional sports teams, even private-jet companies, who like to supply their flying customers with travel sizes of Evian spritz and maple syrup. stocks a wealth of great goodies you didn’t even know you needed – such as mini-rolls of duct tape. I never travel domestically or abroad without duct tape, and sells two tiny rolls of it for just $3.96. It sure came in handy when my luggage fell apart in Tahiti and needed to be mended fast! is sure to hit a big note with you.

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