Relaxin’ With Roloxin: A 10-Minute Instant Facelift

When I travel, I certainly don’t want to feel jet-lagged.  Even worse, I hate to look jet-lagged.  But I have discovered a special “secret weapon” that offers radiant results in about 10 minutes, and is ideal to use when you’re on vacation or traveling on business.  It’s a brilliant little boost for when you have a special night out, are having your picture taken, or just want to look your best — and more revitalized.

It’s Roloxin  Lift– and it is called a revolution in instant skincare. I just used it several times while on a recent 16-day Azamara cruise, on special nights when a professional photographer was taking photos on the ship.  I also used it on other nights – for example, one evening when we were celebrating my husband’s birthday, and we were going to take tons of photos.

This is how it works: they key word here is “latticework.” You simply apply a thin layer of Roloxin Lift to your face before a big evening (or a special day), and you let the wrinkle-reducing mask sit on your facial skin for about 10 minutes.  After it dries to a white powder, you simply rinse thoroughly and – this is key – pat it dry.   Do not rub. Then simply apply your moisturizer, foundation, and other makeup.  What happens is that  when Roloxin dries on your skin, it creates an invisible latticework of hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica particles.  This unique matrix atop your skin provides a better base and instantly creates a bright, smooth and luminous appearance. Translation: You are going to look fabulous!

In clinical trials, 95% of subjects demonstrated a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, and 90% of subjects experienced smoother wrinkles.

I certainly did.  I could see a definite – and instant – improvement in the crow’s feet surrounding my eyes, and the rest of my face appeared firmer.  I simply looked younger and my husband even took notice.

The patented technology that powers Roloxin was developed in conjunction with Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, and it is a product of Israel.

Roloxin Lift weighs nothing and is the perfect travel accessory, especially when you want instantaneous “get-gorgeous” results.  It’s your 10-minute passport to pretty!


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