Nail It This Spring With Essie Polishes

In case you hadn’t noticed, nails are the hottest new fashion accessory — they even spawned a “mani cam” at the recent Oscars ceremony. And if you want some of the chic-est, most beautiful, stunning shades to add to your travels – there’s only one A-list name you need: Essie. Essie has been America’s nail salon expert since 1981, and her rainbow of colors – including the much beloved Ballet Slippers – have become legendary.

Currently out in the marketplace is the Resort 2013 collection, featuring bold new shades that are St. Bart-worthy: the lavender UnderWhere (which I have on right now); Come Here coral; azure In The Cabana; and the pistachio First Timer. These beautiful brights are impossible to miss. They’re what Jennifer Aniston should pack in her honeymoon bag, no doubt about it.

And speaking of the glitterati – you’ll love Essie’s Mirror Metallics Collection. Lovers of the color pink – like me – will rapture over the ultramodern lilac alloy of Nothing Else Metals. This off-the-catwalk collection will help you “strike it rich” with foolproof formulations. There’s a silvery No Place Like Chrome; Penny Talk worthy of Lincoln; Blue Rhapsody; and the classic Good As Gold. The formulas will make you an instant fan, as will this following information: All Essie nail polishes are free of DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene.

Your digits will also dazzle in the Spring 2013 Collection, a cornucopia of colors that Essie has added to her more than 900 shades created to date. Standouts in this assortment include my favorite – Madison Ave-Hue – a bright pink that I never tire of, named after the famous New York street; and Bond With Whomever, a posh London lilac. All the people in Essie management who come up with these names – please give yourself a well-deserved raise. The colors and the names are adorable, and should be on the fingers of every gorgeous globetrotter out there. That said, is it any surprise that Essie is the go-to nail brand for industry insiders, celebrities and women of style?

Brides, in addition, should say “I Do” to the new quarter of colors in the Bridal 2013 collection. These hues are pastel perfection, including My Better Half pink and the purple Using My Maiden Name.

And here’s something else to go gaga for: the new Essie sleek sticker collection, inspired by the catwalks of New York and Milan. The “Sleek Stick” styles are pre-cured under UV lights, super-easy to apply; and formulated to look pristine for up to 10 days. By all means stash them in your suitcase, to dress up any outfit without adding any ounces to your carry-on; I’m all for traveling in style. The writer in me is thrilled with the Love To Love You calligraphy collection; but there are other winners including those in crocodile, snakeskin, cheetah, zebra and honeycomb. They’re like a journey to Africa — without the trip and jet lag on Lufthansa. Bon voyage!

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