With the Royal Wedding occurring on April 29th, everyone is wondering where the couple will honeymoon (Australia?). Debbi Kickham, the Boston author of the bestselling book, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide: Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel and Beauty Pros, Traveling Executives and Celebrity Travelers, has great advice for every bride-to-be including Kate Middleton. Kickham’s book is the world’s first beauty and diet book for traveling women.

Kickham says that every bride, including Ms. Middleton, should read The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide before embarking on her honeymoon, to discover a gold mine of irresistible insider tips on how to look good and feel good when on the road. Kickham’s book takes the “travail” out of travel with a wealth of secrets, many from celebrities such as supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, TV host Vanna White and socialite Ivana Trump. www.GorgeousGlobetrotter.com

For example, what should Kate Middleton pack?  Kickham, whose book hit Amazon’s bestseller list as #1 in December in the “Honeymoon Travel Guide” category, offers road-tested suggestions as to what Ms. Middleton should stash in her suitcase.  These include:

1). A Satin Pillowcase.  Broadcaster Joan Lunden revealed this tip in Kickham’s book.  Satin, is much more forgiving than cotton, and a pillowcase in satin doesn’t cause wrinkles or creases in the hair and face.

2). Oscillococcinum. An industry secret found on the sets of many Hollywood productions, Oscillo, says Kickham, is one of the best homeopathic remedies you can pack in your travel bag, to nip flu-like symptoms in the bud.

3). Eboost. India Hicks, Princes Charles’ goddaughter, who was in the wedding party of Charles and Diana, told Kickham she swears by this energy drink.  Eboost makes five-calorie packs of pure goodness offering Energy, Immunity, Recovery and Focus.  It has a huge celebrity following including Madonna, Heidi Klum and Oprah.

4). G.M. Collin’s Bio-Organique LineG.M. Collin, a prestige beauty line uses 99% natural ingredients, with no mineral oils, alcohol, parabens or silicone.  The Revitalizing Mist, containing orange water, Concord grape, fig extract and green tea, is ideal to spray on your face while traveling on a plane. Ms. Middleton should also check out www.3floz.com, to find petite sizes of cosmetics to take in her travels.

5). Sunsweet Cherry-Essence Prunes. These super snacks, which taste like highly caloric dried cherries but only have 20 calories each, will give the Royal Couple a little boost when they’re tired from traveling.  They’re incredibly delicious and loaded with potassium to give you instant energy.


Debbi Kickham, (781) 407-9305, (617) 610-2577, DKK@MarketingAuthor.com. Kickham is also the co-author of the bestseller Off The Wall Marketing Ideas.


Ms. Kickham is a veteran member of the Society of American Travel Writers (www.satw.org) and former Editor of Robb Report Magazine (www.robbreport.com)

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