Travel Tip: Iron Out Your Travel Problems with Downy Wrinkle Releaser

I’ve found a lifesaver for myself and everyone who travels. As you all know, this Gorgeous Globetrotter blog is all how all about look good and feel good when you travel. Well, I’ve discovered a little miracle-worker in my lifetime spent assembling excellent travel tips.

I’m one of those gals who loves to look “crisp” – especially when I travel. One of my staples is a white long-sleeved cotton shirt, which I wear with EVERYTHING. Especially cashmere. And bold gold necklaces. In my opinion, a starched, wrinkle-free white shirt makes a classy, timeless fashion statement.

The problem is, when I travel, my lovely white blouse gets stuffed into my luggage, and comes out looking terrible. And if there’s one thing I hate to do, it’s pull out the hotel iron. Or, on a cruise ship, run down the hall to the little room where there’s an iron. Who has time for that? Now you can pack that little black dress, and not worry that it will emerge from your suitcase covered in wrinkles. Now that’s a great honeymoon travel tip.

I just tried Downy Wrinkle Releaser and I was amazed at how it got out the wrinkles of my beautiful white blouse! You just spray it on, tug and smooth the material, and – Voila! – the wrinkles come right out. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It completely eliminated the need for me to run downstairs and fire up the ol’ iron and get out the spray starch. Here’s how Downy Wrinkle Releaser works: it contains silicone that coats fabric fibers, allowing them to relax and slide apart instead of being frozen in a crease.

I was so enthralled with this product that I gave samples to my friends, and raved to them. Not only does Downy Wrinkle Release come in large sizes, but it comes in wonderful 3-oz. spray bottles that make it PERFECT for traveling – especially in your carry-on!

It can also work on clothes that have stayed in the dryer too long, or to freshen hotel sheets and pillows. Many people refer to it as the “Wonder Bottle” because it can also do so many other things – like remove creases from tablecloths and curtains, ribbons on holiday decorations, and can also freshen up slipcovers, furniture, pet beds and more.

Next time you see me in another country, I’ll be looking crisp and chic – thanks to you-know-what. As a travel influencer and beauty blogger, I give Downy Wrinkle Releaser an A-plus! It’s my passport to looking perfect!

Debbi K. Kickham is a former Editor of Robb Report Magazine, and a professional travel and beauty writer.

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