Travel Secrets From Mud Pie’s CEO

I meet a ton of fabulous women in my line of work. Many of them travel for business and pleasure, and have lots of secrets to share with other gorgeous globetrotters.

Here is an interview with Marcia Miller, CEO of Mud Pie, a company that offers some of the most adorable travel accessories ever!

Q. Marcia, what do you wear on the plane, when traveling, for the utmost in comfort?

If I am travelling overseas I layer because it is often cold – especially at night- on overseas flights. At bedtime I put on an old beloved comfortable sweater and take my daytime jacket off for sleep. I wear an eye mask and warm socks as my feet often swell on long flights.
I bring along a change of underwear and clothes … just in case…my luggage is lost.

Q. What do you bring to eat on the plane?

Pria bars and 100-calorie packs to try to avoid the endless food on overseas flights.

Q. When you are on a plane, what do you bring to make yourself more comfortable?

Socks, sweater, comfortable pants. On overseas flights I have a pair of Cathay Pacific P.J.’s that I change into and hang my day clothes up. I change back just before landing to feel fresh for the day ahead.

Q. What do you never leave home without?

I always travel with my everyday medicines and I carry my good jewelry on with me.

Q. What are some favorite cosmetics and beauty products you can’t live without — which you swear by?

Laura Mercier blemish or undereye cream and a Braun cordless curling iron for airport touch-ups.

Q. Any smart travel secrets that you have discovered, to look good and feel good when traveling?

I skip dinner, take a sleeping pill and try to go to sleep as early as possible to get maximum rest.

Q. What type of luggage do you use?

I have a handicapped right arm so all luggage is rolling and hooks together for travel ease. I particularly like the new swivel rollers.

Q. Any packing tips?

I always take a hanging bag and pack clusters of clothing in dry cleaning bags for less wrinkles. I layer shirts over pants and jackets over all to minimize hangers.

Q. What kind of bargains have you bagged in your travels?

Years ago I traveled to Portugal on business and went to a factory seconds shop and carried back wonderful Portugese pottery…$1.00 a plate!

Q. Where do you go to bag bargains in your travels?

Flea markets, antique markets.

Q. What are some of your favorite souvenirs that you have purchased in your travels?

I love antiquities and one-of-a-kind finds. Years ago I hand carried a wonderful antique clock home from the middle of China all the way to LA only to have it opened by security! I collect tiny boxes from around the world and try to add to my collection.

Q. What is your favorite hotel chain/brand. Why?

There are so many wonderful choices. I love the One and Only for its fabulous pampering…and exotic locations. The Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons are always reliable wonderful experiences.

Q. How do you watch your weight when traveling?

I try to limit food on overseas flights as it is an endless parade of food. I carry Pria bars and 100-calorie packs and eat fruit when available over other more fattening options. As always I try to be aware of my intake and choose my calories wisely.

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