Curl, Interrupted

I admit it — I have wavy hair. Nothing too curly or frizzy —  just, as my husband says, “hair with a bend.”  So it is with the utmost pleasure for me to say that I now have the straight, silky hair of my dreams — thanks to Keratin Complex straightening.  In 2007, Keratin Complex revolutionized the beauty industry with the launch of its signature Smoothing Therapy, a professional keratin treatment that reduces frizz, curl and styling time.  For the past two years, I have had my Keratin treatments performed by Alex Safar, the owner of the incredible Salon acote at 132 Newbury Street, Boston. Every head of hair that exits Salon acote is spectacular — from the updos, to the classic cuts, to the elegant styles — and I am proud to say that my hair is among them. Salon acote is Boston’s most French salon, and everything about it is unmistakably chic.

The Keratin Complex straightening treatment takes about three hours — but saves hours of time that would be otherwise spent on blow-drying, curling, and flat-ironing my locks. It’s an especially smart treatment to consider before a big trip — you can forget packing  your blow-dryer and flatiron!  I still look in the mirror and marvel at my straight hair that is also highlighted, and healthier than ever.  I just returned from Maui, for example, where my tresses looked perfect on the beach and especially after I got out of the ocean.  Then, before dinner, after a workout, I would wash my hair with the special Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.  Instead of blow-drying my hair, I would let my  hair air-dry, and simply put on a full face of makeup to complete my evening look.  Wowza! People commented that I looked “stunning.” With a wet head of hair!  The great benefits of specially formulated Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner is that is is sulfate- and sodium chloride-free, so there are no harsh chemicals to wash out the keratin.  In addition, this formulation extends the vibrancy of color-treated hair.  Keratin Complex — the treatments and the shampoo and conditioner — are a true beauty breakthrough, and a miracle in a bottle. Thank Heaven!

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