Salon Acote – A Breath of French Air on Boston’s Newbury Street

Seeking to make the “Best Tressed List” with a stunning haircut and color? When you’re in Boston, there’s only one salon for those in-the-know: Salon Acote.

Salon Acote, owned by Alexander Safar, is a sunny, beautifully appointed salon on Boston’s posh Newbury Street where you can get flawless, fashionable haircare, listen to foreign music, enjoy a complimentary cappuccino, admire the beautiful floral arrangements, and in spring and summer, sit on the gorgeous outdoor patio.  The team of international stylists will pamper your hair with products including Rene Furterer and Oribe, the latest techniques (including hair extensions), exquisite updos, state-of-the-art hair straightening and even unusual cult products such as Moroccan Oil, a favorite of Mr. Safar. Complimentary gourmet goodies are always served on weekends too, to make your visit all the more sweet.

Salon Acote is owned by a second-and third-generation of handsome  hairdressers – the Safar family —  who hail from Marseilles. What does that mean?  It means, quite simply, that you’ll receive top-notch treatment from expert professionals who can offer you the latest-and-greatest cuts, colors, treatments, and styles, as they have done on Newbury Street for more than 30 years.

Salon Acote (which literally in French means “the salon next to you,”) caters to international students and famous celebrities such as rocker Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Known as “Boston’s Most French Salon,” Salon Acote is renowned for its chic French haircuts and color. The salon even makes ‘house calls’ to Saudi Arabian princesses, other royalty,  and simply well-heeled clients who are in town, staying at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston, and desiring of hair appointments in privacy. Always ahead of the trends, Salon Acote is the address for clients who want hair that stands head and shoulders apart from the competition. If you are a regular client, and a soon-to-be-bride, the salon will even do your hair, complimentary, on your wedding day.

I’ve been getting my hair done at Salon Acote for years, and people constantly stop me on the street, all over the world, to ask me who does my hair! I’ve got buttery blonde highlights, lowlights, and finally,  thanks to Coppola Keratin, the straight hair I’ve desired since I was a child. With hair like this, I belong in Hollywood! As a professional beauty writer, I know a good thing when I see it.


In his quest to keep Salon Acote ahead of the fashion-and-beauty curve, Mr. Safar offers the life-changing Keratin Complex Treatments, and has received nothing but rave reviews. This amazing treatment will, like magic, transform your tresses from frizzy and wavy to sleek and stick-straight.  (I’ve had this service myself, and I can vouch for it: you’ll get rock star-hair, which is so beautiful you’ll claim it as an anti-aging treatment.)

“We do between five and seven Coppola Keratin treatments per week, and our clients love this service,” Mr. Safar explains. He adds: “Our clients have been amazed at how soft and sleek their hair is after a treatment, and I like to provide the service myself, each time, to assure that the results are consistent. Clients usually return every six months for another treatment, which is great for our business.  Another terrific advantage is that Keratin Complex is now available in a formula just for blondes – which is a great boost for women with highlighted hair.  I firmly believe that Coppola Keratin treatments are the best in the business and absolutely the best products on the market.”

Salon Acote, a breath of fresh air on Newbury Street, features its own garden atelier (where it offers services and refreshments in summer), and has been featured in prestigious media that include Lucky Magazine, Elle Magazine, Marie-Claire Magazine,  newspapers such as The Boston Globe Style Section ( as well as on the air at FOX-TV in Boston, where Mr. Safar showcased caring for your hair with simple products from your kitchen cupboard.

Mr. Safar and his family recently opened the stunning Safar Miami salon on South Beach ( “We also provide Coppola Keratin Complex at the new salon, and it’s been wildly popular with locals who don’t want to deal with the effects of frizz and humidity on their hair,” says Mr. Safar. “Scores of satisfied clients have told us that they don’t know how they ever lived without a Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment!”


Salon Acote also offers hair extensions to clients, who want the extensions, Mr. Safar says, for two reasons.  First, their hair is too short, their hair just won’t grow, or  they simply want longer hair.  Or, secondly, they have thin hair and desire more density and thickness in their hair.  Salon Acote only uses “Remy” 100% hair, which means that the cuticle lays all the same way;  it is presented in the way hair naturally grows – and it won’t tangle.   “This means that it will look natural, and will be easy to color-match,” says Mr. Safar. The hair is Italian and comes in all colors, and bonded to existing hair on the head with heated Keratin. “It lasts two- to three months, and the removal is included in the price,” adds Mr. Safar. The process takes two to three hours, and the results last up to three months. “If you look at the gorgeous models in cover photographs, with long, flowing tresses – they are undoubtedly extensions, and now everyone can have hair that looks just like that,” says Mr. Safar. “Especially for women with alopecia, or women who have lost some of their hair due to cancer, extensions are a great way to go.”

So no matter where your journey takes you in life, Salon Acote will make sure you – and your hair —  enjoy “joie de vivre.”

Contact the salon, located at 132 Newbury Street, at (617) 262-5111.





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